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Portrait of Diane Fennema

I have been helping children, adolescents, and adults regain a sense of mastery in their lives for over forty years. As an educator and counselor, I understand and connect with people of all ages. For thirty years I have been counseling people of all ages with stage-of-life challenges — divorce, involuntary and voluntary job change, school success issues, births and deaths, and change in health. I would be happy to discuss whether working together could be helpful to you.

I am an ongoing student of the Diamond Approach.

Diamond Approach Seattle

“Uncover the negative tapes you play over and over in your head; they interfere with your life! Replace them with self-affirming ways.”

“Gain mastery over anxiety and depression. Reclaim a sense of balance and well-being
in your life.”

“Identify the stumbling blocks in your relationships. Learn to build healthy relationships.”

“You can find happiness and freedom in life!”

Diane Fennema

Contact by phone: 425.827.7880, Kirkland WA or contact

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